Tesla's In-Vehicle Cameras Help in the Investigation of an Accident & Crime in Germany, Proving their Importance

Tesla's In-Vehicle Cameras Help in the Investigation of an Accident & Crime in Germany, Proving their Importance

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The example of the German police and their cooperation with Tesla shows that in-vehicle cameras can actively help in the investigation of crimes, proving their importance. Widespread adoption of cameras in vehicles and Tesla Sentry Mode-style features could help reduce crime around the world.

German law enforcement agencies have repeatedly resorted to the help of Tesla cars in investigating crimes. Built-in cameras on cars take video when they drive, or when are parked, Sentry Mode is activated, and dangerous activity is noticed near it. This makes it possible to obtain video recordings of violations, accidents, and even crimes.

The Berliner Morgenpost reported on a recent accident in Wilmersdorf in which a cyclist died and the driver of a concrete mixer, which hit her, was attacked with a knife. The situation has been better understood now thanks to video footage from a Tesla car near the scene. On another occasion, in January 2021, a Tesla car’s cameras filmed an explosion in Schöneberg.  Video received from the car helped the police in the investigation and in the suspect’s arrest. Recordings from Tesla vehicles are also of great value in the investigation of illegal car racing and traffic accidents. Video recordings often offer the best evidence.

It should be kept in mind that the police can get video recordings from Tesla cameras, or any other car, without the consent of the car owner if it comes to crime. To do this, they work directly with manufacturers. According to information from senior public prosecutor Andreas Winkelmann in the course of research into illegal car races in Berlin, Tesla has actively assisted the police when requested.

“Today's technology allows car manufacturers like Tesla to create records that are naturally of great value to police when investigating criminal offenses and traffic accident scenarios. It would be reckless not to take advantage of this opportunity,” said Benjamin Jendro, a spokesman for the police union (GdP).

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