Tesla's Track Mode Brings Pro-Driving Experiences To Another Level

Tesla's Track Mode Brings Pro-Driving Experiences To Another Level
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Electric cars have numerous advantages over cars with internal combustion engines. In addition to the low cost of ownership, energy efficiency, and virtually silent operation, they also provide unprecedented agility. 

Tesla has always used exploited the immediate availability of motor power and torque to achieve unprecedented straight-line performance, making the car’s forward acceleration a pure extension of the driver. In Track Mode, which is designed specifically for use in closed autocross circuits and racetracks, Tesla had a simple goal: to use the same engine power and torque so that turns on the track were as natural as forward acceleration.

Torque, whether accelerating or decelerating the vehicle, reduces the tire's ability to hold the car in a bend. Tesla cars are able to precisely control the torque that goes to the front or rear wheels. At this moment, the twin engines of the car can instantly and silently increase or decrease the rotation of the vehicle in the corner at the request of the driver.

This requires lightning-fast torque control and the ability of the car to precisely regulate traction on each tire - both of these features are standard on every Tesla model, but the company expanded it with Track Mode to make high-tech driving effortless.

Track Mode adds features to make any rider, amateur or professional, feel superhuman on the track. This is possible because Tesla has developed special software that acts on the car, as a stability control system, and also as it improves performance on the track. 

Thanks to this, Tesla car owners can enjoy active races on the track.


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