Miami Mayor Tours The Boring Company Project in Vegas

Miami Mayor Tours The Boring Company Project in Vegas


Mayor Suarez, of Miami, plans on using The Boring Company, an Elon Musk company, to build tunnels and alleviate congestion in Miami. This project, set to the tune of billion, could easily be less than a 100 million if the TBC plans are used.  An Inter-City transit system is the main idea. 

The Mayor Suarez recently visited The Boring Company tunnels in Las Vegas Nevada, with TBC President Steve Davis, to get a feel for the work already done by The Boring Company.  Suarez has plans to build even more tunnels throughout Miami than previously discussed. 

The issue of sea level keeps coming up since Miami is at sea level. The tunnels in Vegas are actually below sea level, as stated by Suarez when asked how they would work for Miami. 


Still inquiries and statements to the reality of the logistics of tunnels below sea level persist, even though tunnels below sea level already exist in Miami as the Miami Port Tunnels.

Tunnels are also built below sea level for Disney Orlando underground.  Orlando a city with more sinkholes than Miami. 


“The opportunity was too important, and unique, to pass up”
As our City continues to grow, we must invest in our infrastructure and cities' needs moving forward. This tunnel will create easy and accessible mobility for every Miamian.” — Mayor Suarez 

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