The Ethereum Foundation Offers Grant of $1M to Organizations Introducing Ethereum & Blockchain Technologies to Govts & Policymakers

The Ethereum Foundation Offers Grant of $1M to Organizations Introducing Ethereum & Blockchain Technologies to Govts & Policymakers

The Ethereum Foundation provides $1 million in grants to organizations that educate governments and policymakers about Ethereum and blockchain technologies. The Foundation encourages other members of the Ethereum community to support their important work.

Ethereum Foundation Team is announcing grants for advocacy non-profits. They said they understand that new technologies are raising new questions for regulators and governments, who must find a balance between protecting their voters from intruders and fraud, and supporting the growth of new industries. The Ethereum community is committed to playing a positive role in this process by providing information and resources to politicians and governments.

The Ethereum Foundation is providing grants that total to $500,000 to three of the organizations that have helped lead the way in educating policymakers and regulators:

  • Coin Center: The leading US non-profit focused on the policy issues facing blockchain networks
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation: A non-profit leader in defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation
  • Fight for the Future: A grassroots activism group that fights for a future where technology is a force for liberation not oppression.

Apart from these, there are many other organizations that deserve community support. The team believes it is imperative for the broader Ethereum community to have a say in how funds are allocated to advance education on these important topics. Therefore, in addition to the above grants, the foundation also provided a $500,000 grant to the Gitcoin matching pool for their upcoming advocacy round.

Gitcoin crowdfunding rounds use quadratic funding. During the donation period, grant owners seek funds from the community. The number of contributions and the total amount contributed to their project affect the total amount allocated from the respective pool. The Gitcoin round will provide the community with an opportunity to decide which human rights non-profit organizations should receive additional funding for their work.

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