The North Judson PD in Indiana Is Considering Buying a Tesla Car for Police Fleet

The North Judson PD in Indiana Is Considering Buying a Tesla Car for Police Fleet

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Tesla cars are increasingly becoming the choice of police departments, as they are highly efficient, do not pollute the environment, and bring great savings in charging and maintenance. The North Judson, Indiana City Councilors continue to explore a potential Tesla purchase for the Police Department's fleet of police cars.

The North Judson Police Department may include an electric car in its fleet for the first time if council members agree to buy it. At the moment, the possibility of buying a Tesla car is being considered, reports WKVI via Drive Tesla Canada. Town Marshal Kelly Fisher told the council that charging and maintenance costs will be significantly lower than for a gasoline vehicle. According to her, annual energy costs are estimated to be less than one-fifth of what the city currently spends on fueling one of its existing vehicles, while maintenance costs will also be significantly lower.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe and Councilwoman Jane Ellen Felchuk recently test-drove a Tesla, but Rowe said more information will be gathered before a purchase is considered. He said it was necessary to study the battery life of the electric vehicle, which was already higher than he had previously thought.
“What we spend in fuel, repairs, and routine maintenance versus what the cost up front will be for how long those batteries last which is quite a bit longer than what I had assumed. Our council president, John Rowe, wanted to take the time to put some information…details together and get that out to the public. We want to make sure they have the correct information and we want to hear their opinions.”

It is reported that all information will be collected and will become available over the next few weeks. Members of the public will then be able to make their comments during the purchase meeting. Other police departments in the U.S. are already testing Tesla vehicles in service and arrived at impressive numbers, even when compared to initial expectations. If the results of these tests are taken into account by the North Judson Town Council, then the purchase of a Tesla car will definitely take place.

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