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Today, happy owners pick up their Teslas in Netherlands

Today, happy owners pick up their Teslas in Netherlands

Norway is no longer the largest Tesla market in Europe, as the Netherlands begins to lead thanks to Model 3 sales growth. Starting in June 2019, the Netherlands surpasses Norway in the number of registered Teslas.

The Netherlands has always been an important market for Tesla. In late August, Tesla took the 3rd place in terms of sales of Dutch cars in 2019. This was an unforgettable achievement for the model, which began delivering only in mid-February.

In September, the number of Teslas sold since the beginning of the year exceeded 14,000 units. Not many car manufacturers sell as many units of their products in 1 year in one country. And that also meant that the Tesla Model 3 became the No.1 car overall in the Dutch market. This is the first all-electric car (BEV) in the Netherlands.

Data from Teslamotorsclub

As of November, according to registration data, Tesla delivered 18,460 cars in the Netherlands against 17,403 cars in Norway. 17,895 units of them are Tesla Model 3.

Data from Teslamotorsclub

Today, happy owners pick up their Teslas in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Koopmans terminal, today made about 500 deliveries.

All Tesla's are open with keys inside. They check when you leave the terminal.

Until the end of the year, government subsidies for EV will still be in effect in Europe, so Tesla’s shipments to Europe are expected to be even higher in December than in November. Apparently, in the Q4, Tesla will break it previous record of deliveries.

Tesla previously published a forecast that it will deliver from 360,000 to 400,000 units in 2019. Tesla currently needs to deliver 105,000 vehicles by the end of the year in order to fulfill its forecast. But judging by the current situation, this is not a problem for the company. Customers around the world, and not just in Europe, are expecting their Teslas to be delivered.

Tesla delivery quarterly in 2019:
Q1 - 63,000
Q2 - 95,000
Q3 - 97,000

Also, apparently, the Tesla Model 3 in 2019 for Europe is already fully sold. Judging by tweets from several Tesla enthusiasts, Model 3 delivery is no longer available for December.

Well, we congratulate the happy Tesla owners on today's delivery. 

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