Two Tesla Semis Spotted in Palo Alto, CA

Two Tesla Semis Spotted in Palo Alto, CA

Photo: u/rus-reddit/Reddit

Two Tesla Semis were spotted in Palo Alto, California. Later, one of them was seen driving down the street.

Recently, two Tesla Semis were spotted in Palo Alto, California, according to Reddit user u/rus-reddit. The user did not indicate a specific place or time, where and when exactly they were seen. The trucks were parked outside the building and u/rus-reddit was able to take some pictures.

One of the pictures showed two trucks at once. One of them was photographed from behind, while the other was only partially visible due to the first Semi and the fence. Apparently, u/rus-reddit then took pictures near only one of them. One of the trucks had duct tape stuck to the seam between the windshield and side window on the driver's side. This points to the likelihood that these trucks are being tested.

In the photos, you can see, mounted on the front bumper, two hooks for towing. This may imply that it was brought here on a trailer or will be transported to another location on a trailer. Previously, such tow hooks have been seen on the transported Semis, and have never been installed on others that have been caught riding in the wild. Later, the same truck was photographed by u/rus-reddit moving along the road. This Semi can be recognized by the tow hooks and duct tape seen earlier in the parking lot.

Apparently, Tesla continues to actively test Semi in various conditions, and these Semis are a likely part of that testing. At the moment it seems that the manufacturer has a small batch production of trucks at Giga Nevada. Perhaps Tesla is even gearing up to deliver the first units to PepsiCo, whose FritoLay recently completed construction and certification of a Megacharger in advance of Semi’s arrival.

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