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Alyssa Milano Thinks Elon Musk Promotes "hate and white supremacy,” So Swaps Her Tesla for a VW Founded by Hitler

Alyssa Milano Thinks Elon Musk Promotes "hate and white supremacy,” So Swaps Her Tesla for a VW Founded by Hitler


Alyssa Milano traded her Tesla car for a Volkswagen founded by Hitler because of her belief that Elon Musk is promoting “hate and white supremacy.” While Musk is fighting for freedom of speech, he has become a target for haters who now and then expose themselves to ridicule.

After completing his purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk began to make significant changes to the operation of the platform, in an attempt to make it a place where different points of view can be expressed and discussed by representatives of various camps. While many people use Twitter for entertainment and communication, there are those who see it as a battleground where the various political forces of the United States mainly clash, especially in preparation for the 2024 presidential election. The change in position of Twitter, in connection with its purchase by Musk, and the focus on giving everyone the right to talk, caused a major wave of discontent, both from individuals and organizations. Meanwhile, Musk himself became a target for haters who do not want to change the way the platform works, convenient only for them.

One of the loud voices was Alyssa Milano, who, in an attempt to insult Musk, made a laughing stock of herself. She stated that she sold her Tesla car because she believes that Musk is promoting “hate and white supremacy.” Milano wrote that she bought herself a Volkswagen electric car instead of her Model X. In addition, she tried to shame advertisers who continue to post ads on Twitter, writing that “Publicly traded company's products being pushed in alignment with hate and white supremacy doesn't seem to be a winning business model.”

Statements like these make one wonder if Milano is trapped in her own fantasies based on hate, which would be very mournful. She justified her refusal to own a Tesla car because she saw the founder of the company as a villain, but preferred a car from the company founded by Hitler, who tried to exterminate the Jews, powered with delusional ideas that one race is superior to another. After all, if the choice of the car she drives is based on who the founder of the company is, and she enjoys driving a Volkswagen car, then she has put herself in checkmate.

At the moment, it remains unknown if Milano realized what she wrote. However, her tweet still has not been deleted, which may indicate that she has not done any logical work to analyze her own claim to see its absurdity. This is the reason why many people on the platform continue to make fun of Milano, leaving funny, but sometimes rude comments under her tweets.

Volkswagen was founded by the direction of Adolf Hitler and the history of the company is full of horrible details. During the Nazi times, the company's factory had four concentration camps and eight forced labor camps. However, Milano, for whom the identity of the founder of the company that made the car she drives is so important, either did not bother to learn the history or remains indifferent to it.

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