Bitcoin Could Become Global Currency, Miami Mayor Says

von Eva Fox Juni 05, 2022

Bitcoin Could Become Global Currency, Miami Mayor Says

The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, said that Bitcoin could become the world's currency. He revealed that he played the role of an evangelist in Davos, where he taught people about Bitcoin.

Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, was interviewed by Kristina Cornèr, Cointelegraph's editor-in-chief, during the World Economic Forum held at Davos, Switzerland. They discussed topics such as the role the mayor played at the WEF, Bitcoin being a global currency, and what the mayor does with his BTC.

According to Suarez, his role at the WEF is different from what he did at the Bitcoin Miami event. At Davos, the mayor noted that he played an “evangelist role” where he teaches people about Bitcoin. Suarez explained that he is trying to get people to understand that this technology is going to impact “the lives of many.”

Suarez also said he sees the potential of Bitcoin as a global currency. The mayor emphasized that Bitcoin provides various opportunities for democratization and even subversion of socialist regimes. Additionally, he said that Bitcoin “creates trust, which is what currency systems should be based on.” Already now it is used as a means of payment between residents of different countries of the world, as it has absolutely no borders.

The Mayor of Miami also talked about the Bitcoin he receives as a salary. Basically, he keeps his Bitcoin because he believes in the technology behind the cryptocurrency and thinks that he could give it to his children one day.

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