Elon Musk Tweets Reminder that Twitter Will Remove Legacy Blue Checks as They Are 'corrupt'

Elon Musk Tweets Reminder that Twitter Will Remove Legacy Blue Checks as They Are 'corrupt'
Elon Musk recalled that Twitter will remove legacy blue checks, as some of them were previously illegally issued for a monetary reward. Instead, every user of the platform who subscribes to Twitter Blue automatically receives a blue check.

On Friday, Elon Musk announced that legacy blue checks would soon be removed from the platform, marking the second warning in recent months. This means that all users who received blue checks from the old Twitter staff before Musk bought the company will soon lose them. The new owner was responding to a tweet from user Ria, with a legacy blue check, in which she complained that the new blue checks, which can be received after a subscription to Twitter Blue, are a joke. However, Ria claimed that previously they were ”only given to people who were public figures and political figures.”

The crux of the problem is that Ria is either ignorant of or unfamiliar with the fact that in reality, it is legacy blue checks have become a joke. Under the old management, blue checks were sometimes issued to accounts that were scams, people and organizations that were not really significant, and others who were willing to pay. According to some Twitter users, when they tried to receive blue checks, they were denied. However, later they were contacted by a corrupt employee of the company who offered to sell blue checks for $10,000.

For example, tweets from fraudulent accounts with blue checks could often be found in replies to Elon Musk's tweets. Such accounts posted tweets containing links to phishing sites or misleading information. They often had a photo and a name similar to Musk's, which could mislead inattentive platform users who believed the content of the tweets and were deceived. This alone proves the fact that the past leadership of Twitter at least frivolously treated the situation, and shows that no real measures were taken to protect all users of the platform. That is why blue checks for personal accounts have no real power, as it is impossible to decipher between those who received the special status legitimately and who simply paid a corrupt employee.

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