Hundreds of Structural Battery Packs Spotted in Tesla Giga Texas, Possibly In-House Produced

Hundreds of Structural Battery Packs Spotted in Tesla Giga Texas, Possibly In-House Produced

Photo: @JoeTegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla continues to ramp up production at Giga Texas, and now, hundreds of structural battery packs have been spotted there. While they may have been shipped from California, the possibility that they are made in Texas cannot be ruled out.

Tesla continues to ramp up production at its Texas Gigafactory near Austin. The factory started operation only in April and has done a great job in recent months. About 10 days ago, Giga Texas reached its first milestone: reaching a production capacity of 1,000 vehicles a week. Apparently, now the increase in production is happening faster.

During a recent drone flyby, @JoeTegtmeyer/Twitter noticed an impressive sight. The floor of the factory was filled with structural battery packs that were in boxes with no top. Each box was labeled “YSB,” indicating structural battery packs for Model Y.

The battery packs may have been shipped from Tesla's battery production line on Kato Road, Fremont, California. The company continues to make progress there and packs made there can go to Giga Texas to increase production.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the spotted packs were produced at the Austin factory. The first fact that makes us wonder is that the packs were on the third floor, where the battery production line is located. If it had been a delivery from Fremont, it might not have made sense to take them up to the third floor and then take them down again for installation in cars. However, the space on the third floor could simply have been used as a warehouse.

Another equally important fact is that Tesla was going to start manufacturing structural battery packs at Giga Texas. SVP, Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla, Andrew Baglino, during the Q2 2022 Earnings Call said that the company installed all the necessary production equipment at the factory and even produced 4680 batteries and installed them in a car. In addition, he said Giga Texas will begin full production in Q3 2022 and will aim to surpass the Fremont production line's weekly output before the end of this year.

“Specific to Texas last quarter, cell equipment was fully installed and commissioned and we produced our first commissioning car sets of cells through the end of the line. Our target for Texas is to begin production this quarter and aim for Texas to be capable of exceeding Kato weekly output before the end of this year.”

These facts indicate that the spotted battery packs could have been manufactured at Giga Texas, which would be incredibly powerful news. However, the company has not yet confirmed this information.

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