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Tesla Giga Berlin-Made Model Ys Are Delivered to Mannheim, Germany

Tesla Giga Berlin-Made Model Ys Are Delivered to Mannheim, Germany

Photo: @samuel_glb/Twitter

Giga Berlin-made Model Ys have been delivered to Mannheim, Germany. This is the first known delivery of the manufacturer's domestically produced vehicles since the ceremonial handover of 30 Model Ys on March 22 by Elon Musk.

Early last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited Giga Berlin on the occasion of the grand opening of the factory. During the ceremony, he personally handed over 30 German-made Model Ys to their owners, marking the first delivery of cars made there. It was reported today that Denmark also hosted a delivery ceremony for the Giga Berlin-made Model Y, marking the first mention of international delivery of German-made vehicles. Five Model Y Performances are reported to have been delivered.

However, it turns out that before that, Tesla had already delivered Giga Berlin-made Model Ys domestically. @samuel_glb/Twitter tweeted that the German-made cars were delivered to the Mannheim delivery center to be handed over to the owners on March 29. He reported that “about 2 trucks” loaded with black Model Y Performances had arrived at the delivery center, although the exact number of vehicles was not mentioned.

Giga Berlin shows that it has started with the active production of Model Y. Cars are being delivered both in Germany and abroad. We are expected to receive even more information in the coming days on the new locations where the Giga Berlin-made Model Y has been delivered. All deliveries will play an important role in achieving even higher delivery figures at the end of the quarter, which ends in two days.

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