SpaceX Is Offering A Discount On The 'Starlink High Performance' Antenna

SpaceX Is Offering A Discount On The 'Starlink High Performance' Antenna

SpaceX is rapidly expanding Starlink satellite internet coverage globally. As of today, the company operates approximately 3,200 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that provide Internet access to nearly 50 countries across all seven continents. This week, some Starlink customers received an email from SpaceX that offered them a discount on the Starlink High-Performance antenna. "You are eligible to upgrade to the High Performance Starlink Kit for a $600 discount," wrote SpaceX to customers in the U.S. With the discount, the Kit costs $1,900 instead of $2,500. "This offer is only available through December 31st, 2022," the email states. "The High Performance improves service in the most extreme weather conditions. To see this in action, check out this High Performance in Antarctica," wrote the company. The customers who received the email did not share the video SpaceX sent them. 

However, researchers from the National Science Foundation’s Center for Oldest Ice Exploration (COLDEX) shared a video of the Starlink High Performance antenna operating in Antarctica. COLDEX researchers are using SpaceX Starlink for reliable Internet access in remote regions. Peter Neff, the Director for Field Research & Data at COLDEX shared on Twitter videos of a Starlink user terminal antenna in use on ice under extremely windy conditions, shown below. “Camp at Allan Hills, Antarctica is established. This team will continue exploring some of the oldest ice core climate records on Earth, as part of COLDEX_STC. Thanks to SpaceX Starlink, we can share our NSF funded work live from a US Antarctic Program-supported field camp!” said Neff via Twitter. “Despite 30 knot winds at the Allan Hills, Antarctica, where ice cores up to 2,700,000 years old have been found, SpaceX Starlink continues to give the NSF-supported COLDEX team unprecedented connectivity!” they shared.

Starlink High Performance user antennas can easily be installed in any environment. SpaceX engineers manufactured the Starlink hardware to withstand extreme temperatures between -22°F to +122°F (Fahrenheit). The phased array antenna has the capability to automatically increase its own temperature to melt snow that may accumulate above the dish surface to improve internet performance during harsh weather conditions. Visit for more information.


 E-mail source: Starlink Customer ~ billygoat_graf via Reddit 

Featured Image Source: SpaceX

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