The Structural Battery Pack of Tesla Model Y Is 'mind blowing', Says Munro & Associates

The Structural Battery Pack of Tesla Model Y Is 'mind blowing', Says Munro & Associates

Photo: Munro & Associates

The structural battery pack of Tesla Model Y is “mind blowing,” says Munro & Associates. With the new 4680 cells, the manufacturer has achieved a dramatic reduction in vehicle weight.

Munro & Associates recently received a Giga Texas-made Model Y that is manufactured with new technology. On Wednesday, they released the first video of a structural battery pack being removed from the body of the car. Although they have not yet begun to analyze it, the guys can already share their first impressions, and apparently, they are delighted. Munro & Associates has seen once again that the Texas-based manufacturer's engineering expertise is second to none in the automotive industry.

With the new 4680 battery form factor, Tesla was able to minimize negative mass, thus increasing the density of the battery pack. The company was then able to place the battery more efficiently, further reducing the redundant structures within the package itself. The car's chassis, with two single-piece cast parts, front and rear, allowed the battery to be placed in the middle. As a result, this greatly simplified production, which was especially noted by Munro & Associates. In addition, the seats are mounted directly to a structural battery pack that doubles as the cabin floor, which Cory Steuben, President of Munro & Associates says is “mind blowing.”

“It is absolutely mind blowing to be standing under a vehicle on a hoist and have absolutely nothing for the floor structure. You'd have hundreds of stamped parts where this front giga casting is, hundreds and hundreds of parts in the back. The level of refinement and integration is incredible.”

Another notable and very important observation was that the weight of the new battery is drastically lower than the competition, which was noticed by the lead engineer on the Model Y teardown project, Julian Aytes. Steuben said the battery pack, with the seats, center console, and floor pads, weighed only 1,198 pounds. He explained that the net weight of some other automakers' battery packs is twice that—truly a massive difference.

Munro & Associates is unable to share any other details for now and we look forward to the next videos. In the near future, the team will dive directly into the battery pack and possibly the 4680 cell.


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