Tesla Added 40 Supercharger Stations in Mainland China in September, Plans More in 30 Cities for October

Tesla Added 40 Supercharger Stations in Mainland China in September, Plans More in 30 Cities for October

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Tesla in September added 40 Supercharger stations offering 161 stalls in mainland China. In October, the company will add dozens more Supercharger stations in 30 cities around the country.

Tesla added 40 Supercharger stations containing 161 stalls in mainland China in September alone, according to data released by the company on Monday. The new charging stations are located in 28 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Yantai, Shijiazhuang, and Wuhan. This is a fairly high number of charging stations opened in one month and demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

In addition, Tesla announced that in October it plans to add Supercharger stations in 30 more cities, including Xi'an, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, and Nanjing. The manufacturer has not announced the exact number of charging stations and stalls that will open after that. However, it is clear that there will be at least 30 new locations. The rapid rollout of Tesla's charging network is a great move. Recently, Giga Shanghai increased its production volume and offered new discounts for Chinese customers. This has generated even larger demand, so the company needs to keep up with the growth in the number of its vehicles on the road to ensure the best possible Tesla ownership experience.

To date, Tesla has a total of over 1,300 Supercharger stations in mainland China, offering over 9,300 stalls. In addition, the manufacturer has over 700 destination charging stations offering over 1,800 stalls.

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