Tesla Discusses Water Supply for its Planned Lithium Refining Facility in Nueces, TX, at Community Meeting

Tesla Discusses Water Supply for its Planned Lithium Refining Facility in Nueces, TX, at Community Meeting

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Tesla discussed the water supply of its planned lithium refining facility in Nueces, Texas, at a community meeting. The company will apply new technologies in production, which will significantly reduce water consumption and the negative impact on the environment.

Tesla representatives attended a community meeting in Nueces County, Texas, dedicated to the company’s planned lithium refining factory. At a public meeting of the Nueces County Commissioners Court, a potential tax cut deal between Tesla and the county was discussed. In addition, the Nueces County community expressed environmental concerns about the Tesla facility, and they were particularly concerned about the issue of water supply.

Tesla representative Rohan Patel explained that, like the company's other factories around the world, the lithium refining facility in Nueces is also concerned about its sustainability. During the presentation, Tesla representatives said that the company will not produce lithium batteries in a conventional way, as is usually the case with other industry players. This will limit the production of waste and environmental pollution, as well as reduce water consumption.

The company has told the state regulators that it plans to build a battery-grade lithium hydroxide processing plant near Corpus Christi that will process raw ore. At this facility, it would package and ship battery-grade lithium hydroxide to “various Tesla battery manufacturing sites supporting the necessary supply chain for large-scale and electric vehicle batteries,” according to an application it sent to the Robstown Independent School District under the state's Chapter 313 tax incentive program.

“For this facility, the needs are fairly small, compared to an industrial facility, many industrial facilities that exist here, so what we've been told from the water authority, now I don't have the facts and figures of what exactly is needed, but we're happy to get that to you,” said Patel.

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