Tesla Files Patent on Colored Photovoltaic Roof Tiles

von Eva Fox Mai 29, 2022

Tesla Files Patent on Colored Photovoltaic Roof Tiles

Image: Tesla

In pursuit of its plans to grow its solar energy business, Tesla has filed for a new patent, “Colored photovoltaic roof tiles.” It describes solving technical problems to improve the aesthetics of solar tiles for Solar Roof.

On May 27, 2022, Tesla filed a patent on “Colored photovoltaic roof tiles,” which refers to photovoltaic roof tiles and how to give them different colors. The patent describes pouring one or more layers of sealant surrounding the solar cells of a photovoltaic roof tile with a pigment to change the cosmetic appearance of the photovoltaic roof tile to make it more suitable for customer liking.

Tesla offers solar tiles that could cover the roof. In addition to generating energy, it provides protection for the house from the weather, while giving the house a pleasant aesthetic appearance. A photovoltaic roof tile may take the form of a conventional roof tile and may include one or more solar cells sandwiched between the front and back covers, but typically contains fewer solar cells than a conventional solar panel.

The front and back covers can be made of reinforced glass or other material that can protect the photocells from the weather. The photovoltaic roof tile may include a sealing layer such as an organic polymer. The lamination process can seal the solar cells between the front and back covers.

Unfortunately, PV tiles are generally not available in the number of colors that a consumer would choose from when installing a conventional roof. That's why Tesla is working to provide Solar Roof in multiple colors, allowing customers to decorate their homes based on their personal preferences. With this development, the manufacturer will solve the technical problem of improving the aesthetics of solar tiles.

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