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Tesla Giga Berlin Has Almost Completed the Requirements for Environmental Building Permit

Tesla Giga Berlin Has Almost Completed the Requirements for Environmental Building Permit

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Tesla is in the final stages of getting full environmental approval for its Giga Berlin. 16 of the 18 requirements have already been met, and the rest will be checked in the coming weeks, as this is possible only after the full launch of work at the factory.

In March, Tesla's factory in Germany, Giga Berlin, received the final environmental permit to build and start production. This allowed the manufacturer to start making cars, but not all workshops were launched. The company still had to fulfill several requirements. The Brandenburg state government has explained that this is acceptable.

“Because the plant will be put into operation in stages, the conditions for the commissioning of parts of the plant have been consistently fulfilled,” said Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment Der Spiegel. “All the requirements that serve to ensure the operation of the plant without an immediate danger to the population and the environment have been met,” continued ministry spokeswoman Frauke.

According to the information, Tesla has so far met 16 out of 18 emissions control and hazardous waste monitoring requirements. A larger audit is scheduled from May 9 to May 20, and this will be the first revision. “This is necessary because multiple requirements can only be verified when the system actually works,” said Zelt.

Tesla originally planned to start production at Giga Berlin in mid-2021, but due to complicated approval procedures, the process has been delayed. The factory is to provide jobs for 12,000 employees, which is a significant contribution to the development of the region. More than 3,000 of them have already been hired. In addition, Tesla is a magnet for businesses in various fields that are now looking to establish themselves in East Brandenburg.

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