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Tesla Giga Berlin Supports People with Disabilities by Hiring 22 Deaf Employees, Additional Hiring Planned

Tesla Giga Berlin Supports People with Disabilities by Hiring 22 Deaf Employees, Additional Hiring Planned

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Tesla Giga Berlin supports people with disabilities by celebrating the International Day of People with Disabilities together. The factory has already hired 22 deaf employees, including refugees from Ukraine, and additional hiring is planned.

December 3 is the International Day of People with Disabilities, so Tesla Gigafactory Berlin turned on the purple light as a sign of support. All who take part in the campaign turn on the purple light. Purple Light Up's global campaign wants to draw attention to the fact that people with disabilities have the right to participation and self-determination, according to

The lobby of Giga Berlin is illuminated in purple and nearly 30 Tesla employees surround a white Model Y that just rolled off the assembly line, posing for a photo. There are smiles on their faces, and their hands are raised in greeting. It is no secret that it is hard to employ people with disabilities in manufacturing plants, but Tesla has done it. Giga Berlin is a disabled-friendly workplace and has already employed 22 deaf people. It is reported that 11 of them are refugees from Ukraine who fled the horrors of war in their homeland. The company said it plans to expand its employment for people with disabilities further.

The company said it was open to employing people with disabilities. Disabled people work in different departments at Giga Berlin. Deaf employees who already have a job at the factory are supported by a separate inclusive employee who speaks sign language.

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