Tesla Giga Berlin Seeks Gardeners to Beautify Area Around Factory

von Eva Fox November 03, 2022

Tesla Giga Berlin Seeks Gardeners to Beautify Area Around Factory

Image: Tesla

Tesla Giga Berlin continues to contribute to the environment. Some of the areas around the buildings will be allocated for trees, flowers, and vegetable gardens. The company started looking for gardeners.

@EstherKokkelman/Twitter noticed that Dr. Moises Romero, Infrastructure Facility Management Lead at Gigafactory Berlin, shared some interesting news on LinkedIn. He said he dreams of making sure Tesla's facility in Germany is truly a green factory. He said that for this, the company is looking for gardeners to improve the territory. Trees, flowers, a vegetable garden—and everything that will grow well in the Brandenburg climate—will be planted there.

“My dream is really to make sure this is a Green Factory. That means trees, tomatoes, chillis, flowers, everything that is possible in Brandenburg (and its lovely climate) Come join my team and be a Gardener! Will be the first gardeners in Tesla Berlin!”

Romero invited those who love gardening, plants, and being outdoors. Candidates must be excellent team players, highly motivated, and not afraid to get their hands dirty. Candidates who speak at least a little German or English or Spanish will be considered. Romero stressed that he is not looking for the best gardener, but he needs the most motivated gardener who will be taught everything there is to know. The company offers a full-time option and makes flexible working hours possible.

“If you love gardening, plants, you like being outside, you place the team above yourself, highly motivated and not afraid to get your hands dirty (- and) you speak even very little german, then join my team! English (or Spanish) is obviously nice to have, since ~30% of our workforce isn't from Germany, and around half speaks english! I promise it won't be boring. I don't want the best gardener, I want the *most motivated* gardner. We will teach you everything. And it's *not* Mindestlohn! Full time, flexible time is also possible.”

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