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Tesla Giga Berlin to Launch Employee Train Shuttle in Early 2023

Tesla Giga Berlin to Launch Employee Train Shuttle in Early 2023

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Tesla continues to make improvements to the Giga Berlin infrastructure. The manufacturer has planned a shuttle train for its employees, which could be launched in early 2023.

Tesla's factory in Germany, near Berlin, has thousands of employees. Since there is an increase in production, the staff continues to increase rapidly. While some of the employees arrive by personal car, the majority use public transportation. According to unofficial data, Giga Berlin has about 6,000 employees, and when they go to work, the existing public transportation is fully loaded.

In an effort to solve the growing problem, Tesla has planned a shuttle train for its own employees. According to MOZ (via @Berlinergy/Twitter), the train will run from Erkner to Giga Berlin and back, making the trip 40 times a day. Tesla is funding this initiative itself.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has provided details of the planning. Tesla has already purchased an old train track from a German regional rail group that leads to the Giga Berlin site. The Department of Infrastructure said on Wednesday that planning for the shuttle is the responsibility of the state's Office of Buildings and Transportation. Tesla submitted documents for the modernization and expansion of the route, as well as the installation of a new station.

Tesla also submitted a comprehensive schedule proposal to Deutsche Bahn. Approval is expected in the coming weeks. Once approved, DB Netz will adapt the safety technology, which should happen at the end of Q1 2023. This means that the train could theoretically start running already in March-April 2023. Tesla itself expects the train to launch early next year.

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