Tesla Giga Shanghai Reaches Another Amazing Milestone: Production of Millionth Car

Tesla Giga Shanghai Reaches Another Amazing Milestone: Production of Millionth Car

Photo: Elon Musk

The Tesla team is celebrating yet another milestone. Giga Shanghai produced its millionth car, which was made possible in just two years and seven months after the initial start of production.

China was chosen as the first Tesla factory outside the United States for a reason. The country is the largest automotive market in the world, and the hard work of its people gives great advantages in production. Giga Shanghai is known for how quickly it was built. In fact, only 10 months passed from laying the foundation to the start of test production. “I'm not aware of any factory of this magnitude in history being constructed in such a short time period of time,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Of course, this was due to significant support from the Chinese government, something that Tesla does not have at home, unfortunately.

The original goal of the factory was to produce 250,000 vehicles per year. Test production began at the end of 2019, starting Tesla's success story in China. The whole world has witnessed how quickly the manufacturing team in China is ramping up production, which has become a source of admiration. They set a really high bar and became a role model for the entire automotive industry.

It has been two years and seven months since Giga Shanghai produced its first vehicle that was delivered to a customer, and today Tesla is celebrating an impressive milestone. Elon Musk took to Twitter to share with his over 103 million followers that Giga Shanghai has produced its millionth car.

Given Tesla China's amazing ability to meet targets and grow rapidly, we can be sure that a new production record is just around the corner. In August, the factory completed modernization and now has an installed capacity for the production of more than one million vehicles per year. While this pace would not be available immediately, it is likely that we could hear about the production of the two millionth car already in 2023.

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