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Tesla Giga Texas Is Ready to Start Model Y Production in Coming Days, as Paperwork Is Complete

Tesla Giga Texas Is Ready to Start Model Y Production in Coming Days, as Paperwork Is Complete

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Tesla Giga Texas is ready to start production of Model Y in the coming days, as paperwork is now clearing the way, says Daniel Ives, based on research from the firm. The testing of production machines is almost complete and the manufacturer has the green light.

Wedbush Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst Daniel Ives wrote on Saturday that Tesla's factory in Austin—Giga Texas—will begin mass production in the next 7-10 days. He pointed out that according to the firm's research, all the paperwork has already been completed and, in fact, the company has received the green light to start production.

Rumors about the imminent start of mass production at Giga Texas appeared on January 1. On January 4, Travis County spokesperson Hector Nieto said that certain areas of the factory have already received certificates of compliance from the county fire marshal. Those certificates are similar to a certificate of occupancy and are necessary before a company can open a building. Since the existing Giga Texas building will be used for the production of Model Y, Model 3, Cybertruck, and Semi, there is every reason to believe that the certificates refer to the workshops that will manufacture Model Y, for which Tesla intends to start production. Thus, these documents probably paved the way for Tesla to start production.

The launch of production at Giga Texas is very important as the demand for the manufacturer's vehicles continues to grow. In 2021, Tesla delivered about 936,000 vehicles, about half or even more of which were Model Y. The compact SUV is in high demand, but not available in sufficient quantities, and the opening of additional production facilities is vital.

The start of production at Giga Berlin is delayed due to a lengthy approval process, so Giga Texas is likely to start operations even earlier than the factory in Europe, which began construction a few months earlier. The imperfection of the German political apparatus has had a negative impact, but the start of production at Giga Berlin should also start soon, as the approval process is already in its final stages.

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