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Tesla Handed Over Solar Panels & Powerwalls to Ukraine to Ensure Uninterrupted Power

Tesla Handed Over Solar Panels & Powerwalls to Ukraine to Ensure Uninterrupted Power

Photos: The Irpin Primary Health Care Center

Tesla handed over solar panels and Powerwalls to Ukraine to ensure uninterrupted power. The kits will be installed in hospitals in settlements that suffered significantly during the Russian occupation.

While representatives of the Russian authorities continue to hate Ukrainians and destroy defenseless civilians, one successful American engineer supports Ukraine in ways available to him. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk does good deeds, demonstrating that he cares about the fate of Ukrainians. Those who follow Musk and are thoughtful about his words and deeds undoubtedly know that the desire to help comes from his great love for humanity. Everything he does is united by simple but sincere desires—to make people's lives better, ensuring our survival as a species.

Due to the great destruction in the territories in the Kyiv region, which have been under the occupation of Russian terrorists from the first days of the war, the settlements did not have electrical supplies. Despite the fact that electricians continue to work to resolve these issues, there are still interruptions that complicate the restoration of settlements, and, very importantly, the work of medical institutions. In order to help solve this problem, Tesla sent solar panels and energy storage systems—Powerwalls—to Ukraine.

Although the installation of such equipment seemed like an obvious solution to the problem, the issue was that Tesla does not sell these products in the Ukrainian market. However, as with other products of Musk's companies that have been brought into the country, Tesla has refocused on providing the necessary assistance.

The company delivered solar panels and Powerwalls to Ukraine, which will be installed in two ambulant clinics in Irpin and Borodyanka, which serve the local population affected during the occupation, said Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov. The system will provide hospital facilities with renewable energy and store the surplus in Powerwall to provide power during outages.

This was another step by Elon Musk in an effort to support the Ukrainian people in these truly terrible times. Previously, his SpaceX gave Ukraine access to Starlink satellite internet, supplying thousands of kits—many of which included solar panels and Powerwalls—to have internet access anytime, anywhere, even without access to the electrical grid. In addition, Tesla opened free access to Superchargers for Tesla cars in the countries neighboring Ukraine. In addition to officially purchased cars, even those that are on the black list of the company have gained access. This move was made so that Ukrainians, who often buy Tesla cars that have been in an accident, can safely get out of Ukraine to a safer place.

Obviously, Tesla and SpaceX have changed many of their own rules and become as flexible as possible in order to provide Ukrainians with vital technologies. Starlink daily helps the Ukrainian military to resist Russian terrorists who are killing civilians, as well as gives Internet access to ordinary people who have not been able to contact their loved ones for weeks. Without a doubt, Elon Musk’s companies have made and continue to make one of the largest contributions to helping Ukraine among all global companies.

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