Tesla Joins IdeasExpo in Germany to Showcase its Engineering Achievements [Photos]

Tesla Joins IdeasExpo in Germany to Showcase its Engineering Achievements [Photos]

Photos: @dene_schunck/Twitter

Tesla has joined the IdeasExpo in Germany where it showcased many products and manufacturing technologies. Its team from Tesla Automation created some interesting demonstration inventions that once again highlighted the ingenuity of the talent working at the company.

Germany can be called an automobile country, as it is home to the biggest names in the auto industry. Now it is also home to Tesla, the leader in electric vehicles, which now takes part in various expos along with other local auto manufacturers. The American manufacturer recently joined the IdeasExpo, which took place from July 2-10 this year at the Hannover Exhibition Center, where it showcased its engineering achievements to the general public. @dene_schunck/Twitter visited the exhibition and shared many photos and video.

Earlier we already knew that the Tesla team in Germany presented a solar range extender trailer equipped with Starlink at IdeasExpo. Later on Twitter, Elon Musk even said that a similar design that triples the size of the solar roof could be used for the Robovan, a van the company plans to release in the future.

In addition, Tesla has introduced the High Volume Battery Assembly Line and has gone to great lengths to make this exhibit as informative and entertaining as possible. Tesla Automation built an automated mini battery factory that demonstrated how it works. The 4680 battery cells are a huge achievement for the company, and rapidly ramping up their production is one of their biggest challenges.

Another important engineering achievement showcased at the expo was the structural battery pack. The front and rear end single-piece casts have created a solid cradle in which the 4680 battery cells are safely housed. After that, they are covered in a thick layer of epoxy, which is then covered with a plate. Altogether, this is not only super-strong protection against cell damage, but also excellent support for seats.

Tesla Powerwall and Supercharger also were presented at the exhibition. Both products are essential to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Without the Supercharger, it is impossible to charge electric vehicles. Without Powerwall, it is impossible to store energy, making it unavailable when the sun is not shining.

In addition, some exhibits were presented that served for entertainment purposes. Visitors could get some funny impressions during games, such as with the Quiz machine with questions about Tesla. It rewarded visitors for correct answers.

In addition, visitors could sit in Model Y, which was located in the hall especially for this purpose. And those who wanted to feel the real driving experience could sign up for a test drive.

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