Tesla Is Building a Crash Test Lab in Austin, Texas

Tesla Is Building a Crash Test Lab in Austin, Texas

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Tesla is building a Crash Test Lab in Austin, Texas, to further improve the safety of its vehicles. The company is currently recruiting a team of Engineering Technicians to support the lab.

Tesla cars are famous for their safety all over the world. They have already saved the lives of many passengers in the most horrific accidents when it would seem no one in the car could have survived. Of course, Tesla cars are not 100% guaranteed to survive in all crashes, however they are all designed with safety at the core, therefore providing the highest level of protection to occupants.

Tesla vehicles have the highest safety ratings in all major automotive safety research laboratories around the world. This was achieved thanks to the tireless work and improvements done by the company's safety team. Every component of the car is designed to protect passengers in the event of an accident.

Before any changes are made to Tesla cars, they are tested at the company’s Crash Test Lab in Fremont, California. However, it seems the company has decided to expand and add another crash lab in Texas. According to Aaron H., Recruiter at Tesla, the manufacturer is building a new Crash Test Lab in Austin (h/t Gail Alfar/Twitter). In order to support the operations of the laboratory, Tesla has opened recruitment for the position of Engineering Technician. The company will be looking for several specialists for this position.

According to the job description of Engineering Technician, they will form a Passive Safety Crash & Sled Test team. It will be responsible for "executing, analyzing, and reporting on crash and sled tests within required program timelines, primarily focusing on vehicle development, regulatory certification, and consumer protection crash testing." The team will consist of Test Engineers and Engineering Technicians, specializing in Vehicle & Mechanical, Instrumentation & ATD (Anthropomorphic Test Devices, or crash test dummies), and Imaging.

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