Tesla Is Building the US’ Largest Supercharger Station with 100 Stalls, as 3rd Party EV Charging Nears

Tesla Is Building the US’ Largest Supercharger Station with 100 Stalls, as 3rd Party EV Charging Nears

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Tesla is building the largest Supercharger station in the U.S., which has 100 stalls. In its effort to open charging for all electric vehicles, the manufacturer is also making every effort to make the Supercharger experience as comfortable as possible.

Tesla has started building its largest Supercharger in the U.S., in Barstow, California, about 115 miles from Los Angeles and 156 miles from Las Vegas. The location will have an impressive 100 stalls to provide the highest level of service. The Daily Press via InsideEVs reported that confirmation of the number of stalls came from Barstow Mayor Paul Cortney during a city council meeting earlier this week. He revealed that Tesla has been building the Supercharger station for several months now.

The new charging station with a record number of stalls in the U.S. is to be located near The Outlets at Barstow open-air retail mall, and occupies roughly four acres of land. Cortney believes Tesla's location is a historic win for the city. The mayor said the first phase of the Supercharger station should be open by Memorial Day, May 30th.

“Actions and results speak. Prior to going to the SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) meeting a week and a half ago, there was a possible issue that we do not have enough power out in Lenwood for the first phase of a Tesla charging units. One-hundred units projected. The largest charging station in the U.S., right out there. It's the potential of not having enough power for phase one. Well, long story short, we got a commitment from Edison to have enough power for phase one by Memorial Day to open up the first leg of the Tesla charging stations.”

At the moment, Tesla is building several large Supercharger stations in the U.S., while expanding existing ones where necessary and possible. Such an initiative is connected not only with the fact that the number of cars of the manufacturer continues to increase on the roads of the country, but also because Tesla intends to open Supercharger stalls for third-party electric vehicles.

So far, the pilot program is already running successfully in eight countries in Europe, but expansion in the U.S. may be around the corner. At the recent Financial Times Future of the Car event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company will indeed open access to its Superchargers in the U.S. for all electric vehicles, although he did not give any timeframe or details. The head of the company said that, in order to implement this, Tesla will add an industry-wide connector (SAE J1772 Combo1/CCS Combo 1 or simply CCS1) as an option. In addition, Musk explained that global electrification is the highest goal, so Tesla is committed to its implementation even though it will reduce its competitive advantage.

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