Tesla Lobbies Canadian Government to Foster Positive Environment for Adoption of Electric Trucks like Semi

Tesla Lobbies Canadian Government to Foster Positive Environment for Adoption of Electric Trucks like Semi

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Tesla is lobbying the Canadian government to create a positive environment for the adoption of electric trucks, such as its Semi, in the country. Proposals submitted to Canada's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance include investing in charging infrastructure and providing grants to freight haulers.

Tesla has submitted proposals for Canada's 2023 federal budget that aims to support the adoption of electric trucks, like its Semi. The proposals are presented as part of Canada's pre-budget consultation prior to final government budget approval for 2023, and a letter was sent to Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

The proposals primarily focus on Canada's need to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, with one section focusing on the electrification of Medium and Heavy Duty Zero Emission Vehicles (MHZEV). Tesla delivered the first Semi on December 1 and will continue to deliver them to customers in the US and Canada in 2023, which requires the infrastructure to be ready for this.

“Tesla applauds the launch of the federal government's iMHZEV Program as sales incentives should generate demand for MHDZEVs across the country. However, to sustainably support increased demand for electrified medium and heavy-duty transportation fleets, adequate charging infrastructure must be available to support short and long-haul transportation routes from coast to coast,” Tesla wrote in the letter.

The company is proposing that the Canadian government determine which routes should receive incentives while the transition to zero-emission trucks is just beginning, and to support the development of charging infrastructure. In addition, Tesla has proposed that the government provide grants to freight haulers to carry out electrical upgrades, which are necessary for the transition to electric heavy-duty trucks.

“We propose a program that would directly support all freight haulers of all sizes — not just the largest or smallest fleet operators. It is important to note that power upgrades must be made well in advance of companies taking delivery of electric trucks,” wrote Tesla. “Charging facilities must be in place when the trucks arrive so that they can enter service immediately. Government should consider providing funding to any company that can demonstrate it has placed electric truck orders — rather than deliveries,” the manufacturer continued.

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