Tesla Is the Top Choice for Uber Drivers, with over 15,000 Rentals in 8 Months

Tesla Is the Top Choice for Uber Drivers, with over 15,000 Rentals in 8 Months

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Tesla is the top choice for Uber drivers, with over 15,000 rentals in eight months, according to a company press release. The manufacturer's electric vehicles have covered more than 40 million miles, making a significant contribution to solving climate problems.

Eight months ago, Uber announced a new partnership with Hertz to lease up to 50,000 Tesla vehicles by 2023 exclusively to drivers using the network in the US. During this time, under this program, Tesla cars are offered for rent to drivers in more than 30 cities, including Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami.

According to a new press release from Uber, Tesla cars are one of the most popular rental cars to date, with more than 15,000 drivers using them under the program in eight months. Particularly noteworthy is the contribution made by electric vehicles. With over five million all-electric journeys and over 40 million electric miles, they are making a positive impact on the environment by slowing climate change.

Uber has compiled some rave reviews from its drivers who are proud to be part of the climate solution. In addition, they are pleased to see an increase in revenue from fuel savings, especially with the current cost of gas, incentives for electric vehicles, and tips. Here's what they say.

“I haven’t had to use gas for six months,” said Manuel Barros of Boston, who has driven with Uber for eight years. Barros heard about Uber's partnership with Hertz through the Uber Driver app and said that it was easy for him to reserve a Tesla.

“When I had a gas car, I would spend $25-30 a day [on gasoline],” said Barros. “I'm saving almost $160 a week, if not more, driving an electric vehicle.” Through the partnership with Hertz, drivers have access to the Tesla Supercharger network and to Uber's exclusive EVgo discounts, and other benefits, which help to boost savings over gas cars. “I've been behind the wheel for 31 years and I've had so many cars,” said Barros. “I would rather drive this than any other car.”

“If I'm putting thousands of miles into the world, I figured a green car would be a better move because it's helping the environment,” said Shanita Murray of Los Angeles, who has been driving with Uber since 2016. Shanita isn't the only one that loves her Tesla—riders love it too. “When I provide excellent service, I'm gonna get tips,” said Murray.

Drivers said the Hertz and Uber partnership has given them a glimpse of what it is like to ride electric, and they love what they see. “It was a great experience, and still is,” said Raphael Veira of Los Angeles. For 95% of drivers renting a Tesla through Hertz, this was the first-ever electric vehicle they had driven on Uber’s platform. “I was always curious as to how an electric vehicle could handle the mileage you put on your car when doing Uber,” said Veira. “It handles the mileage really well.”

While these drivers are currently renting, 92% of them say they are considering purchasing an electric vehicle. “I want to buy a Model S eventually,” said Veira. “And this was a perfect opportunity to see how they drive.”

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