Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop Produces About 12 Megapacks per Day

Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop Produces About 12 Megapacks per Day

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Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop continues to gain momentum. The company produces about 12 Megapacks per day, according to a source. A doubling of production is expected in the near future, after the additional installation of the necessary machines.

Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop is today the main driving force in the development of the company's energy division. The factory produces Megapacks--huge batteries for energy storage. They are the main component of battery energy storage systems (BESS), which help not only to stabilize the grid, but also to store energy from renewable energy sources.

As renewable energy becomes more popular, the need for Megapack will continue to grow at a rapid pace. In this regard, Tesla recently announced a plan to build another Megafactory in China. It should start production in 2024, but for now, the Lathrop Megafactory is the main driving force. Its planned annual production capacity is 40 gigawatt hours or about 10,000 megapacks per year. However, there is no accurate information about the production capabilities of the facility at the moment.

Investment advisory firm Halter Ferguson Financial wanted to get a full picture of the production capacity of the Lathrop Megafactory is now. To do this, they monitored the sire for 144 hours (6 days), 24 hours a day. Bradford Ferguson's car was parked on a public road at the exit of the Tesla Megafactory. Before and after the observation, a drone was also used to see a fenced area in the open air near the factory, where the finished Megapacks are waiting to be shipped. As a result, high activity at the site was noticed and confirmed.

In mid-March, before the start of the observation, 67 Megapacks were ready there. Over the next 144 hours, 42 units were trucked out. Keep in mind that some of the shipments may have happened at night when Ferguson was sleeping, so he added two more to give a more accurate result. After the surveillance ended, the drone video showed there were 16 more Megapacks outside the factory than the original 67 at the start of the surveillance. Thus, the Tesla Megafactory produced a total of about 60 units in six days.

However, Ferguson received information from a source that the Megafactory is now producing about 12 Megapacks per day. He was also informed that the factory now lacks several machines, with the help of which, production can easily and quickly double. At this time, it remains unknown when the machines will be installed, but Ferguson said he hopes for a rapid increase in production at the Megafactory in Q3 2023.

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