Tesla Model 3 Is Germany’s Best-Selling EV in December & All of 2021

Tesla Model 3 Is Germany’s Best-Selling EV in December & All of 2021

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Tesla Model 3 topped the list of best-selling electric vehicles in Germany in December and in 2021 as a whole. Strong sales also allowed the car to become the 11th best-selling vehicle in the country for the year.

In 2021, the share of electric vehicles in the German market grew to 13.6%, showing an increase of 83.3% over the previous year. According to KBA data, 48,436 all-electric vehicles were registered in December, 12.6% of which were Tesla Model 3. The American manufacturer's car became the best-selling EV in Germany, even though production at Giga Berlin has not yet begun.

In December, 6,096 Model 3s were sold, which brings it first place in the ranking of the best-selling EVs. Second place is taken by VW e-up! with 5,343 registrations. Third place belongs to Renault Zoe with 4571 units. The fourth and fifth places were taken by the Renault Twingo Electric with 1,937 registrations and the BMW I3 with 1,866.

Source: EU-EVs

In 2021, Tesla Model 3 also became the best-selling EV in Germany with 35,262 registrations. This amount of sales made it out of the reach of competitors. It is worth highlighting that Model 3 achieved this success in the homeland of Volkswagen, which held a lead there for many years. Second place is occupied by VW e-up! with 30,797 registrations, an impressive 4,465 units behind Model 3. Third place went to the VW ID.3 with 26,693 12-month sales. The Renault Zoe, with 24,736 registrations, finished fourth, a significant lead over Smart Fortwo, which took fifth place with 17,409 sales.

Source: EU-EVs

In addition, Tesla Model 3 became the 11th best-selling car in the broader German car market in 2021, showing a steady shift in consumer interest to electric vehicles. Giga Berlin is expected to start production in early 2022. The approval process is already in its final stages, according to politicians. Once the factory goes live, Germany will be the first market to receive the highly anticipated Model Y, which will have a significant impact on the country's auto market.

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