Tesla Model 3 Leads the EV Market in France, Spearheading the EV Revolution in Q1

Tesla Model 3 Leads the EV Market in France, Spearheading the EV Revolution in Q1

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The electric car market in France experienced a significant upsurge, surpassing sales of gasoline cars for the first time. Tesla Model 3 leads the EV market in France, spearheading the EV revolution.

Sales of new EVs in France in Q1 2022 surpassed gasoline vehicles for the first time in history, marking an important milestone. Against the backdrop of a nearly 20% drop in domestic new car sales in March, the success of EVs seems to be even more significant. Car manufacturers continue to face supply chain problems, and Russia's attack on Ukraine has sharply raised the issue of European countries' dependence on the energy of the aggressor country. In addition, the sharp rise in the price of gasoline underlined the importance of switching to EVs as soon as possible, which is the right choice not only in terms of environmental friendliness but also in terms of economy.

According to industry data provided by automotive company Plateforme (PFA), sales of all-electric and hybrid models in Q1 2022 in France were almost 40%, while sales of petrol models were 38.3% and sales of diesel models were 16.5%. If we consider only BEVs, then their share was 11.9%.

The undisputed leader among EVs is Tesla Model 3, which registered 6,636 vehicles. In second place is Dacia Spring with 4,953 registrations. According to Reuters, the Peugeot 208 is in third place, although the report does not provide separate information on this model's registrations, but provides data on overall Peugeot 208 II sales. Reno Zoe registered 3,577 and takes fourth place in the ranking. Hyundai Kona closes out the top 5 with 3,025 registrations. However, it is worth noting the success of Model Y, which is in sixth place with 1,845 registrations.

France shows an active shift of interest towards EVs and increasingly prefers models from Tesla. As soon as Giga Berlin ramps up production, it’s offerings will become more affordable for European countries, which should stimulate demand even more.

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