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Tesla Model S Plaid Gets Track Mode via New Software Update

Tesla Model S Plaid Gets Track Mode via New Software Update

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Tesla Model S Plaid has received the highly anticipated Track Mode as part of a new software update. Owners of the company's highest-performance vehicle will now be able to enable Tesla's performance-oriented stability control and powertrain settings configured for track driving.

Tesla has begun distributing new software that includes Track Mode for Model S Plaid, which was a highly anticipated feature. The car now has a top speed of 175 mph, an increase of 12 mph over the last update, and is capable of delivering even higher-end performance.

@JbTeslaman/Twitter has shared some exciting new updates now available for Model S Plaid in Track Mode. His information indicates that it is also now possible to adjust the handling balance, stability assist, and regenerative braking, which should significantly increase the level of driving comfort. A choice of feature is now also available based on the performance required for a particular race/road surface, such as Race, Drift, or Snow.

Since Track Mode gives access to Tesla's performance-oriented stability control and powertrain settings configured for track driving, the company warns that it must be used with extreme caution. "This mode is designed to be used by experienced track drivers familiar with the course. Do not use on public roads," the note says.

Track Mode
Optimize your Plaid configuration for dynamic driving exclusively on closed courses and experience the unmatched performance at many different venues. To enable, tap Controls> Pedals & Steering> Track Mode.

Thermals: The heat pump system cools more aggressively, maximizing powertrain endurance and performance. Enable post-drive cooling to shorten wait times between sessions.

Drive Systems: Torque vectoring authority is increased across the three motors, elevating the vehicle's agility and cornering capability. The accelerator pedal allows more precise torque control, and regenerative braking power is strengthened to recover more energy.

Suspension: Adaptive damping reduces vehicle motions, improving handling and promoting driver confidence. Ride height is automatically set to ‘Low’ upon drive off.

Display: A track-focused interface includes a lap timer, G-meter (real-time accelerometer), vehicle thermals monitor, Dashcam video capture, vehicle telemetry capture and offers customization options.

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