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Tesla Model S & X Plaid May Soon Get a Caramel Interior

Tesla Model S & X Plaid May Soon Get a Caramel Interior

Photo: von Holzhausen

Tesla Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid may soon receive interior updates. There is a high possibility that a new trim color, Caramel, could be added, according to a tease by von Holzhausen.

Tesla is quite restrained in the variety of interior colors, but, with the updated Model S and X, it has gone further. The novelties were presented with a new color, Cream, which is incredibly pleasant and loved by many of the company's customers. However, not too long after the car hit the market, it’s not surprising that Tesla would possibly make a new update that appeals to some true connoisseurs.

von Holzhausen, the company owned by the wife of Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, has shared a very interesting new video. Published just a few hours ago, it teases the arrival of some very interesting and exciting information on June 21. The tweet states that the company's alternative leather is “accelerating like never before.” An interesting selection of words is supported by an even more interesting video, which lasts only six seconds.

In it, for only two seconds, the interior of Model S or X Plaid appears. It is quite obvious that this is one of these cars since the car being filmed has a characteristic yoke steering wheel. In addition, perforated leather on the seats and carbon details on the center console ensure this is definitely Model S or X Plaid. The only difference from the cars Tesla offers today is that the leather has a light brown color. As von Holzhausen explained, this color is called Caramel.

While no announcements have been made yet, everything points to Tesla adding a new interior color, which is really great and exciting information. Model S and Model X Plaid are works of art, the main value of which is, as it says, “under the hood.” Such detail as adding a new sophisticated color will obviously further reveal their beauty.

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