Tesla Model Y Becomes Austria’s Best-Selling Car, Surpassing Skoda & VW

von Eva Fox Oktober 12, 2022

Tesla Model Y Becomes Austria’s Best-Selling Car, Surpassing Skoda & VW

Photo: SCREEN POST/unsplash

Tesla Model Y captures the European market. The electric compact SUV has become the best-selling car in Austria, surpassing Skoda and VW.

After Tesla restored and increased production st Giga Shanghai and also increased the production capacity of Giga Berlin, its success in Europe improved significantly. In September, a high number of Tesla cars were delivered to European countries, which guaranteed them the first positions not only on the lists of the best-selling EVs, but also leadership in several automotive markets. The clear leader was Model Y, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicted would become the world's best-selling car, and evidence indicates that achievement is not far off.

According to Statistik Austria, 1,421 Tesla Model Ys were sold in September. The car captured an impressive 6.9% market share. By comparison, in September last year, Model Y had a 2.1% market share, selling 372 units, reflecting a 282% growth in 2022. This high number of cars sold has made Tesla Model Y the best-selling vehicle in the country. The compact SUV has outsold locally popular Volkswagens and Skodas, underscoring that Europeans are interested in owning quality EVs instead of petrol pollutants and over-expensive locally-made electric vehicles.

Lagging by 478 units—a huge difference for Austria—Skoda Octavia is in second place with 943 units sold. The car took a 4.5% market share in the country. In third place is VW Polo with 629 units sold. VW ID.4 finished fourth with 513 units. Closing out the top 5 is Cupra Formentor with 421 units.

1 Tesla Model Y 1,421
2 Skoda Octavia 943
3 VW Polo 629
4 VW ID.4 513
5 Cupra Formentor 421


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