Tesla Model Y Deliveries Will Start Soon in Israel, as Batch of 2K Cars to Arrive in Mid-February

Tesla Model Y Deliveries Will Start Soon in Israel, as Batch of 2K Cars to Arrive in Mid-February

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Tesla Model Y sales will start soon in Israel as the vehicles are already on their way. A batch of 2,000 vehicles from the manufacturer, including Model Y, will arrive in mid-February, after which the first deliveries will begin.

Tesla sold a whopping 6,300 vehicles in Israel in 2021 and has no intention of slowing down its takeover of the local auto market. Based on information from a Chinese source, Globes said that another 2,000 vehicles will arrive in the country this month. The ship should moor off the coast of Israel in mid-February, which means that the first deliveries should occur in late February to early March.

Globes wrote that official sales of the electric crossover should start in Israel in the next few days. Since there is no official sales announcement yet, the price also remains unknown. Model Y Performance is expected to sell for NIS 260,000-270,000, which is about $82,000-85,000. Since sales of Model Y Standard Range have not yet begun in Europe, it is expected that the car will not arrive in the Israeli market for now.

Tesla is currently in the process of setting up a trade-in department as the company expects some Model 3 owners to want to upgrade to Model Y, reported Globes.

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