Tesla Model Y Reaches the Shores of Australia & New Zealand

Tesla Model Y Reaches the Shores of Australia & New Zealand

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Ships filled with Tesla Model Y reached the shores of Australia and New Zealand. Records of customers' VIN in the department of infrastructure's Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) system confirm that the vehicles are already in the country.

Tesla began mass deliveries of Model Y to Australia and New Zealand. According to the Australian ship/delivery tracker, @VedaPrime/Twitter, the Paganella carrier arrived at the port of Auckland, New Zealand on July 28. This is Tesla's first ship to arrive in the country in the third quarter, and on board were long-awaited Model Ys and Model 3s. These are the first Model Ys officially brought by Tesla to New Zealand for mass deliveries to customers.

According to @VedaPrime, the ship with Model Ys and Model 3s docked at Port Kembla, Australia on July 29. It was the first ship from Tesla in the third quarter, and the first to bring the hotly anticipated Model Y to the country. However, according to more extended information, this will not be the only ship for Australia this quarter, with several more on the way.

Keep in mind that it will take Tesla some more time to get the cars to delivery centers across the country, so deliveries to customers may not begin until a few weeks later. However, the Model Y’s delivery to Australia and New Zealand marks the next step on the road to wider adoption of electric vehicles around the world.

On August 1, local publication The Driven revealed that the cars on the ship that arrived in Australia were built in the second half of June, when Giga Shanghai production reached an all-time high. According to the publication, the Model Y entry in the department of infrastructure's Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) system shows that these vehicles are a 5-seat variant, which is the only seating configuration currently available to Australian customers. In other markets, Tesla also offers a 7-seat variant.

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