Tesla Model Y Remains China’s Best-Selling Premium SUV in October

von Eva Fox November 09, 2022

Tesla Model Y Remains China’s Best-Selling Premium SUV in October

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Tesla Model Y continues to hold its position as China's best-selling premium SUV in October, outperforming its gasoline competitors.

Last week, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) released automakers' delivery figures for October, reporting that Tesla Giga Shanghai delivered 71,704 vehicles. The report from November 8 showed more detailed data, broken down into imports and exports. According to the information, out of 71,704 vehicles registered in October, 54,504 were exported, while 17,200 vehicles were delivered domestically. Keep in mind that in the first half of each quarter, Tesla produces cars for export, only slightly covering the needs of the local market, while in the second half of the quarter, production and delivery are more directed at the Chinese market.

Tesla Model Y sales in China totaled 14,391 units in October, according to new data released Wednesday by the CPCA. This is 8.18% more than 13,303 units in the same period last year. This allowed the model to continue to hold its position as the best-selling premium SUV in the country. BMW X3 was second with 12,592 units. Mercedes-Benz GLC finished third with 11,983 units. Audi Q5 was fourth with 10,519 units. Closing out the top 5 was Li Auto Li L9 with 9,181 units.

1 Tesla Model Y 14,391
2 BMW X3 12,592
3 Mercedes-Benz GLC 11,983
4 Audi Q5 10,519
5 Li Auto Li L9 9,181

Tesla Model 3 retail sales in China in October were 2,809 units, up 565.64% from 422 units in the same period last year.

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