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Tesla Model Y Was Norway’s Absolute Sales Champion in September

Tesla Model Y Was Norway’s Absolute Sales Champion in September

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Tesla Model Y became the overall sales champion in Norway in September, registering four times as many units as vehicles with internal combustion engines were sold combined. The closest competitor, VW ID.4, was over 2,000 units behind, underscoring Model Y's dominance.

September ended and sales reports began to come from the automotive markets around the world. The numbers from Norway are impressive as the country is moving the fastest towards a full transition from ICE vehicles to electric ones. Last month, EVs accounted for 89.1% of the country's market, of which 77.7% were BEVs and 11.4% were PHEVs, according to data obtained by Cleantechnica. This represents a marginal decrease from 91.5% YoY, due to production difficulties arising from the difficult geopolitical situation and the COVID-19 lockdown in China in Q2 2022, which for the most part affected Tesla.

Despite a slight decline in sales, the share of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) has risen, while the share of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) has declined. The total sales of all vehicles amounted to 14,646 units. Sales of internal combustion engine vehicles continue to lose volume, with 781 units sold in September compared to 956 units in September 2021.

Tesla regained its strongest position in the Norwegian automotive market after a weak start to the quarter. Tesla Model Y became the absolute and unattainable sales leader with 3,063 registered units. That is four times the sales of ICE vehicles in a whole month, and almost four times the sales of its closest competitor. In second place, with 903 units was Volkswagen ID.4. The manufacturer was unable to increase production and deliver more cars to the country, so it was far behind Tesla Model Y. In third place was Skoda Enyaq with 620 sales, only a few units ahead of another model from Tesla. Model 3 with 602 sales came in fourth place. Polestar 2 finished fifth with 343 units.

1 Tesla Model Y 3,063
2 Volkswagen ID.4 903
3 Skoda Enyaq 620
4 Tesla Model 3 602
5  Polestar 2 343

The overall table for Q3 looks almost the same as in September. Tesla Model Y is in first place with 3,443 units. In second place is Volkswagen ID.4 with 2,991 sales. In third place is Skoda Enyaq with 1,981. Tesla Model 3 is in fourth place with 1,115 registrations. Closing out the top 5 is Volkswagen ID.5 with 863 units sold.

1 Tesla Model Y 3,443
2 Volkswagen ID.4 2,991
3 Skoda Enyaq 1,981
4 Tesla Model 3 1,115
5 Volkswagen ID.5 863

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