Tesla Model Y Will Be the Best-Selling EV in Germany in 2022

Tesla Model Y Will Be the Best-Selling EV in Germany in 2022

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In 2022, Tesla Model Y showed strength as Giga Berlin production ramped up. The car will become the best-selling EV in Germany, the home of Volkswagen.

This year, Model Y production has reached new heights. Giga Shanghai continued to ramp up production to supply domestic markets, nearby countries, as well as Europe and Australia. Starting in the spring, Giga Berlin and Giga Texas also began to make important contributions with the compact SUV. The more new factories worked, the more significant their contribution became, which was especially noticeable in Germany, where Tesla's first European factory is located.

Model Y started 2022 in a position of strength and has repeatedly become the best-selling EV in Germany. Confirming the huge success, the SUV became the best-selling car in Germany in September, beating absolutely all cars, including those with internal combustion engines. This was the first time in German history that sales of an electric vehicle outsold those of any petrol model on the market.

Although there are still four days left in the year, the overall picture of the EV market is almost clear. According to EU-EVs data, Tesla Model Y is currently the best-selling EV in Germany in 2022 with 28,044 units. Obviously, in the remaining days, some more cars will be sold, and in the case of Model Y, it can reach several hundred. The achievement of the result is a very good signal, since it happened in Germany, the homeland of Volkswagen. VW has for a long time occupied a leading position, but so far cannot compete in the EV market.

In second place is Tesla Model 3 with 24,275 units. The sedan also performed strongly this year and even became the third best-selling car in Germany in November. More vehicles will be registered in the coming days, but it still would not be enough to catch up with Model Y.

In third place is Fiat 500E with 23,123 units sold. The Volkswagen models are behind by a big gap, which cannot be overcome in the remaining days; in fourth and fifth places, therefore, are Volkswagen ID.3 with 16,421 units and ID.4/ID.5 with 15,727 units.

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