Tesla Owners in Russia Ask Elon Musk to Open an Official Office in the Country

Tesla Owners in Russia Ask Elon Musk to Open an Official Office in the Country

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Tesla owners in Russia appealed to the CEO of the company Elon Musk with a call to open an official representative office of the company in Russia. Such a move could stimulate sales of the company's cars in the country, because many consumers hesitate to buy without access to the manufacturer's charging network and service center, also making it easier for existing owners to own a car.

Owning a Tesla car in Russia is associated with some difficulties. Firstly, there are no Superchargers, so charging electric vehicles is associated with some difficulties. Secondly, there is no service center in the country that could support cars and deliver the required parts and carry out repairs if needed. The owners said that in the event of a breakdown, they order parts from abroad and have to wait for their delivery for several months. However, they all share tips and knowledge with each other to make using their cars easier. The appearance of a Tesla store in Russia could also stimulate the country's residents to buy the innovative cars more willingly.

Despite some difficulty, all owners express great pleasure in owning a Tesla, and said they would never go back to using ICE vehicles. Nevertheless, they turned to Musk with a request to officially bring the company to the Russian market.

"Mr. Musk, this is our message to you on behalf of the whole Russian Tesla owners community.

This is just a small part of the huge @Tesla fandom in Russia. All of us are true fans who worked hard to bring our cars to Russia from other countries. We are happy to drive our Teslas every day despite having no Supercharges, Tesla Service or dealerships; we order spare parts for our cars and wait for months, we share tips and knowledge to overcome issues while having no access to certified experts.

But we still love our Teslas. For us, there’s no turning back to gas cars.

Elon, we are so much looking forward to an official @Tesla presence in our country. We will do our best to give you the warmest welcome ever. We need you so much!"

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