Tesla Patents "Enhanced vehicle seat ventilation and construction techniques"

Tesla Patents "Enhanced vehicle seat ventilation and construction techniques"

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Tesla continues to improve its vehicles by adding higher level equipment to them. The company patented “Enhanced vehicle seat ventilation and construction techniques” possibly for use in all its vehicles, including Model 3 and Y.

Ventilated seats are part of the premium Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles and are designed to greatly enhance user comfort. Such seats are especially useful during the summer months or in hotter climates. Because Model 3 and Model Y are relatively more economical variants of the Tesla lineup, they do not yet feature ventilated seats, although hints of them appeared in the 2022 online Owner's Manual for these models.

It is obvious that the installation of additional equipment, especially if it is difficult to manufacture, increases the cost of cars, which may be acceptable for customers who buy premium Model S and Model X but will be expensive for customers who buy Model 3 and Model Y. However, Tesla is committed to providing comfort to all its customers and the development towards cheaper ventilated seats continues.

The patent, “Enhanced vehicle seat ventilation and construction techniques,” was filed in June 2022 and published in December 2022. It describes a vehicle seat with improved ventilation and special construction techniques for such seats, with an emphasis on ease of manufacture.

The patent describes a vehicle seat that includes a ventilation system configured to draw in air, or push out air, via the vehicle seat. For example, air may be drawn into the vehicle seat from ambient air. As another example, air may be pushed out to the occupant. The movement of air may allow for ventilation, such as cooling, of the occupant. The ventilation system described in the patent may include a rigid duct assembly and integrated foam. One or more fans may be used to pull or push air through the vehicle seat.

Essentially, the patent describes an improved car seat that includes components that are easy to manufacture and that improve the design of a car seat. An additional advantage is the durability of such seats, especially the material with which it is covered.

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