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Tesla Model Y Becomes Best-Selling Car in Norwegian History, Breaking Record Set by VW Beetle in 1969

Tesla Model Y Becomes Best-Selling Car in Norwegian History, Breaking Record Set by VW Beetle in 1969

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Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car registered in a year in the history of Norway. The compact SUV broke the record set by the Volkswagen Beetle in 1969.

Once in Norway, you will be surprised by how quiet it is here. The reason for this is that Norwegians are willing to use electric vehicles, which are almost silent. The number of electric vehicles in Norway will amaze any tourist visiting this small Scandinavian country. One of the most active contributions to the development of the EV market in the country is Tesla, whose cars are often the number one choice. While until 2022, Model 3 was the main choice, this year the situation has changed.

Today, Model Y is the favorite car of Norwegians, as it is ideal for driving on the roads of the northern country, where cold weather prevails most of the year. @NorwegianRoad/Twitter reported that as of December 22, there were 16,701 Model Ys registered for all of 2022, which means the car has set a stunning new single-year sales record, overtaking the past leader, the Volkswagen Beetle.

In 1969, Volkswagen sold 16,699 Beetles in Norway, setting a record that no car could break for the next 53 years. However, in 2022, Tesla Model Y took the honorable first place. It is worth bearing in mind that there are still eight whole days left until the end of the year, which means that even more Model Ys will be registered, further strengthening the record of the Texas manufacturer's car.

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