Twitter Is Registering a Dramatic Drop in Crypto Spam Since Elon Musk Took Over, Data Show

Twitter Is Registering a Dramatic Drop in Crypto Spam Since Elon Musk Took Over, Data Show

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Twitter is registering a dramatic drop in crypto spam since Elon Musk took over, data show. The fight against spam/bot accounts is one of the main areas in which the new owner will make every effort to improve the platform experience.

While some loud-voiced, minority Twitter users complain about Elon Musk taking over the platform, the company continues to improve in crucial areas that were ignored for years by previous executives. It was recently revealed that Twitter 2.0 has begun the fight against child pornography on the platform by creating the necessary tools for quick reporting, which led to swift action to take down the content. Musk said that this is the company's #1 priority.

In addition, the new owner is working on a number of other fronts to create a comfortable and secure environment for all Twitter users. According to @joevezz/Twitter, Founder and CEO of data analytics company Lunar Crush, crypto spam on the platform has dropped dramatically since Elon Musk took over. He demonstrated data that showed the number of crypto scams was halved from the peak, registered on November 7, compared to the last two years. That is, in just over two weeks, the platform has clearly taken some measures that led to this drastic decline. “We have never seen a reversal like this and have been analyzing CryptoTwitter data since January 2018,” wrote @joevezz.

Keep in mind that the data includes the whole dataset, so not all users will experience these changes in the same way. My personal experience has shown that over the past three days, the amount of crypto spam left under my tweets has dropped significantly. Previously, under each of my tweets there was at least one reply promoting crypto and containing a malicious link, but in the last three days, I have not seen a single such response. Some other users said that for them the situation has not changed yet. This is because the individual Twitter feed does not include the whole dataset.

In April, Musk announced that he would direct his efforts to combat spam/bot accounts if the purchase went through: “We will defeat the spam bots or die trying!” He stayed true to his promise, as evidenced by the data.

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