Evelyn Arevalo

Evelyn J. Arevalo joined Tesmanian in 2019 to cover news as a Space Journalist and SpaceX Starbase Texas Correspondent. Evelyn is specialized in rocketry and space exploration. The main topics she covers are SpaceX and NASA.

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SpaceX Flight-Proven Falcon 9 Rocket Hardware Lands at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches 68th Mission of 2023, Advances Starlink Constellation To Serve Over 2 Million Subscribers
Hapag-Lloyd to Enhance Connectivity at Sea with SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet
SpaceX Launches Another  Falcon 9 Rocket A 17th Time During Starlink Mission
Flexjet to Equip Aircraft Fleet with SpaceX Starlink, FAA Certifies Starlink for Gulfstream G650s
Paratus Group signs reseller agreement with SpaceX Starlink for Internet services across Africa
SpaceX Starlink Applies for Türkiye Internet Provider License Days After Elon Musk met President Tayyip Erdoğan
SpaceX awaits Starship launch approval as U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has yet to complete Environmental Impact Investigation
SpaceX Displays Starship Raptor Vacuum Engine at McGregor Founder's Day Parade
SpaceX Falcon 9 Sets New Record for Rocket Reusability As It Lifts Off A 17th Time During Starlink Mission
Neuralink is Ready to Implant a Chip into a Human Brain, First Clinical Trial Is Open for Recruitment
Kenya President William Ruto Visits SpaceX California HQ to Discuss Starlink Service
Cunard Cruise Line Rolls Out High-Speed SpaceX Starlink Wi-Fi Service Across Fleet
SpaceX Plans To Operate 99 Starlink Gateway Stations Across 40 U.S. States
SpaceX Unveils Starlink Gateway Station on Remote Unalaska Island, Delivering Blazing 10 Gbps Internet