The cooler came about when I saw something I wanted for myself. I started having road trips with my family in my Tesla. I wanted to buy a cooler specifically made for a Model 3, but there was no company on the market doing this. It was a need.

With my background, 22 years in the auto parts industry, I decided to make the cooler. I love my Tesla a lot. I wanted something that just fit perfectly. At the beginning it was another fun project. Now it’s a cooler for others to enjoy too.

I really admire the spirit that Elon Musk does not give up. I am very supportive of Musk and Tesla's Mission. Interested in Tesla since the first Model S launched, I became a Tesla shareholder. (Later, I became even more fascinated with Spacex.)

Finally, I bought the Model 3 and started recommending it to my friends and family. How can you not? I love Tesla & my model 3.

The cooler ... it just fits