Tesla Model Y Wheel Protectors (20 in)

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Finish: Matte Black

  1. Protect your Tesla Model Y wheels with our custom-designed wheel protectors. These wheel protectors are crafted with precision using original car data. They provide both aesthetic enhancement and protection by concealing existing imperfections and preventing new scratches, ultimately elevating the overall appearance of your Model Y.
  2. Crafted from premium ABS environmentally friendly material, our wheel protectors are corrosion-resistant, durable, and ensures stability without falling off. They feature strong shock-absorbing cotton that firmly adheres to the wheel, effectively preventing any abnormal noise during movement.
  3. With its snap-on design, installation is a breeze—simply press and install according to the position, no need to remove the wheel hub, making it easy to set up.
  4. Finish: Matte Black or White
  5. Quantity: 1 set of 4 wheel protectors
  6. Fitment: Tesla Model Y with 20" Wheels

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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Michael VanHeyst (Pennsylvania, United States)
Easy installation and look great

High quality wheel covers that look fantastic and are simple to install.


Excellent quality and perfect fit

Nick Zaccone (Florida, United States)
Looks great!

Just received my hubcaps and snapped them on my model Y with ease. They look really good and if I could do it over again, I would still save my $2000 and purchase these hubcaps instead.

James Bull (Indiana, United States)
Full coverage protects the rim edge

Great looking and perfect fit

Jocelyn Espina (California, United States)

Hi! I have not received delivery of this product

JimmysDIY (New York, United States)
Excellent Wheel Covers

I purchased the wheel covers from Tesmanian. It has transformed my Model Y fully. See before and after.

I do want to note that these do not come with Tesla Decals. Tesmanian was nice enough to offer me a return for free since it was assumed they come with it. I then purchased center caps from Amazon for $10. Voila! I got full fledge covers.

Lastly, I had questions re: installation and stuff. I basically called Tasmanian and they guided me fully. Thank you Tesmanian Support. You guys went above & beyond.

Anonymous (Texas, United States)
Sharp Looking Wheel Covers

Beware of curb rash. They are made of plastic. I would still get them anyway.

Breck Lebegue (Washington, United States)
I like them!

I wanted rim protectors for my new Model 3, cause the rim projects past the cheap hard plastic stock covers. These new ones are beautiful--I love the spoke design better, they installed in a flash, and cover the rim--no rim rash! Thanks!

Dennis GREAVING (Wisconsin, United States)
Black & white wheel covers

Excellent fit, looks like a factory option on my 2020 Tesla model Y. They seem to grab the wheels even stronger than the factory wheel covers, time will tell. Instructions not included, but mostly self explanatory, except for applying the narrow cushion tape to the inside edge curl. Tedious. A photo would have helped to clearly show correct positioning. Video on website was for different wheel cover that had no tape. Overall very pleased.

S Silva (California, United States)
Excellent product!

These hub caps fit perfectly and look way better than the OEM caps my Long Range Y originally came with! Outstanding product and the matte black looks awesome!