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Tesla Model Y / Model 3 Glove Box Organizer
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Tesla Model Y / Model 3 Glove Box Organizer

    1. Custom design Glove Box Organizer for Tesla Model Y and Model 3
    2. Make full use of the glove box space by dividing to 4 sections
    3. Made from high quality ABS material
    4. Fitment: Tesla Model Y and Model 3

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Customer Reviews

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Dan Martin (Port Orchard, US)
Make a handle

Great idea to keep stuff hidden away, but the latch release is lower quality and won’t release the lid high enough to open it. I have to press on the opposite side to make it pop up high enough to grab it. Best to make a small handle to open it up for easier access. Great idea, just needs a little more refinement.

Farnoosh Tinoosh (Irvine, US)
Model Y Glove Box Organizer

Good design and helpful to have my keys/small stuff separated from the paperwork. I had to tape one of the end pieces since it would not hold to the center slit. Also , I wished the center would be a bit larger to accommodate a standard size envelope, the length is only enough for the registration paper.

Phil Grant (Rotonda West, US)
Good Idea - well executed

A cool addition for my model3. Fit perfectly.

Terence E Peterson (Alexandria, US)
Model Y Center console tray

It’s a little flimsy but it gets the job done.

Greg Blaesing (Corona, US)
Door storage trays

I would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade. Keeps items from sliding around and holds plastic bottles in place.

Robert W. (Mesquite, US)
Very Handy Pockets

These fit very well, have well thought out dividers and protect the car from spills. Easy to clean.

Andy I (Henderson, US)
Good front door organizer

Front door ones seem to fit perfectly, for back door it seems just ok. One the whole I am happy with the purchase

Daniel Rall (Santa Cruz, US)
Works well

Doesn't feel like it's made from quality material, but fits perfectly into the front-most center compartment of a Model Y, sliding forward for access to full compartment, or backwards for access to items in the tray.

Carl Burke (Manasquan, US)
Good accessory

Fits well and makes the center console usable.

Yong She (Sugar Land, US)

Tesla Model Y Center Console Tray Organizer