SpaceX Welcomes 14-Year-Old Software Engineer to Starlink Team

SpaceX Welcomes 14-Year-Old Software Engineer to Starlink Team

Some inspiring news! SpaceX welcomes 14-year-old Software Engineer Kairan Quazi to the Starlink team, that is dedicated to advancing broadband technology to connect the world with reliable satellite internet. Quazi earned a A.S. degree in Mathematics with highest distinction and a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering "with several graduate-level electives in machine learning and related courses," he says. He is making history as the youngest engineer to ever join the company and will begin working in July.

"I am graduating from Santa Clara University's School of Engineering where I learned that 'engineering with a mission' is not a gimmicky tagline. Where a culture of rigor, collaboration, accountability, and impact deeply resonated with the needs of a radically accelerated learner. Next stop: SpaceX! I will be joining the coolest company on the planet as a Software Engineer on the Starlink engineering team. One of the rare companies that did not use my age as an arbitrary and outdated proxy for maturity and ability," he announced via a LinkedIn post on June 7. 

"My early access to transformational leadership began as a 9-year-old. First, when the administrators of a local community college Las Positas College enrolled a third-grade graduate with no prior acceleration into a full time mathematics A.S. degree program. And again, a few months later, when I walked into a meeting with Lama Nachman at Intel Labs and walked out with a generative AI opportunity that would change my career trajectory. Lama recognized that outlier circumstances demanded outlier access to influential mentors and challenging opportunities. In a sea of so many 'no's' by Silicon Valley's most vaunted companies, that ONE leader saying 'yes' door opening...changed everything," he shared. That leader is SpaceX.
"[...] To my mentors and friends - Lama Nachman (Intel Labs), Naushad UzZaman (BLACKBIRD.AI), and Nam Ling and Ahmed Amer (Santa Clara University) - I am forever grateful that you recognized my value, trusted my abilities, and invested in my growth. I am excited to carry these cultural lessons into my career. A huge thank you to my team at SpaceX for the most transparent, technically challenging, and FUN interview process. Colin Compton, I knew from our first conversation that I found my people. I am packing my rain boots and ready for July! #adastra," wrote Kairan Quazi.
Colin Compton is one of SpaceX's 'technical recruiters'. Quazi applied for dozens of jobs since the year started and says that he was rejected "95 times" and only got 3 job offers because he struggled with getting taken seriously due to his age, he told The Seattle Times. Now, Kairan Quazi will be moving from Pleasanton, California, to Washington state accompanied by his mother, Jullia, next month to join SpaceX’s Starlink team at the Redmond engineering facility. 
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Featured Images Source: Kairan Quazi / SpaceX 

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