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Tesla Achieves Major Milestone: 6,000+ Superchargers in Europe Across 600 Locations & Counting

Tesla Achieves Major Milestone: 6,000+ Superchargers in Europe Across 600 Locations & Counting

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Tesla has reached another remarkable milestone by opening over 6,000 charging stalls in 600 locations across Europe. The company's Supercharger Network allows Tesla drivers to charge their vehicles quickly and conveniently. This unique network is considered a significant competitive advantage for the company as it improves customer experience and reduces concerns about EV range.

Today, Tesla officially announced that it has installed 600 charging stations in Europe, with a total of over 6,000 stalls. This number is expected to increase to 6,039 stalls by the end of March. The number of charging points will continue to grow to provide customers with the best possible Tesla ownership experience.

The first Tesla Supercharger in Europe was installed in 2013 in Norway with the launch of Model S on that market. Already in 2016, with the launch of the Model X, the company had 1,267 Superchargers in Europe. When the Model 3 was first delivered to the region in 2019, there were almost triple the stalls at 3,711. At the beginning of 2021, with the installation of 6,000 stalls, another great milestone was reached.

Since the launch of Model 3, it is estimated that Tesla owners in Europe have charged cars using the Supercharger network for a number of miles equal to more than 3,000 round trips to the Moon, or about 22 round trips to Mars.

Tesla changed the worldview, and its own Supercharger Network rewrote the rules of the game. The goal of the company is to work like an organism, independent of the outside world and its rules. The Supercharger Network is one major organ in this increasingly vertically integrated system known as Tesla—a system that is quickly becoming one of the most impressive, innovative companies in the world. Yet it is just getting started.

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